2021 APA Award Winners Announced

Fri 20th Aug, 2021

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2021 APA Award Winners Announced

40 Award Winners selected by a group of high-profile judges representing an excellent cross-section of the photo buying community:

Best of Show Winner - Todd Antony - Umaru Sandi (from series Flying Stars)

APA LA proudly announces 10 chapter members as winners:​

Nathalie Gordon - 1st place Beauty/Fashion

Sami Drasin - 2nd place Beauty / Fashion

Elisabeth Caren - 2nd Place Celebrity / Musicians

Tracy+David - 3rd Place Created During Covid

Mark Holley - 1st Place Documentary / Photojournalism

Marie Bertiaux - 3rd Place Food / Still Life

Dana Hursey - 1st Place Lifestyle

Patrick Ryland - 3rd Place Lifestyle

Jussi Grznar - 2nd Place Sports / Adventure

David Clifford - 3rd Place Sports / Adventure

View all the winning images here:  https://apanational.org/awards/entry/announcing-the-winners-of-the-2021-apa-awards/



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Off The Clock 2022 Best in Show...

Linguist and food photographer




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APA Scope- Queer the Lens

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The Visual Artists Associations Meet With Lawmakers, July 2017

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