APA LA at SMC with Richard Radstone - “What is your story?”

Tue 10th May, 2016 – 7:30pm–8:30pm

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Tue 10th May, 2016


Free Admission


Join us Tuesday, May 10th at APA LA presents “What is your story?” with photographer Richard Radstone as he inspires us to look deeper within ourselves and toward owning an individual artistic point of view.

Working over 30 years as a photographer, filmmaker and speaker, Richard brings an entertaining blend of industry background and insight into the how of creating personally motivated work. Join us as Richard inspires us to look deeper within ourselves and toward owning an individual artistic point of view.

Richard opened his first studio in Las Vegas, Nevada—a mod little space constructed from the remains of a 3000-square foot citrus warehouse. It was there he honed his roots. The 90s he traveled the fashion cities of Europe and his story telling curiosity was born. Then Los Angeles to explore more than the visual impact of the still image; adding video, audio and written word to the projects he produces. Studying the inner person as well as the way we perceive one another.

Passionate for honesty and meaningful story he quotes, “If we do not truly see each other; nor do our connections grow from a place of sincerity, empathy and emotion, whether real, contrived or abstract; what we create, and the impact we leave, will be at risk of having no life, or lacking in meaning.”

When Richard is not on assignment, in the field interviewing strangers, contributing to his non-profit advocacy Operation-365.org, or keeping everyone in stitches (or tears) with one of his life found stories, you will most likely find him spending time with his family or mountain biking the trails surrounding the Los Angeles area.

PARKING: $10 Parking at Pico and 14th

UBER recommended: First time riders use promo code: 5ja4g and save.


Please note: Please arrive 1 hour early to allow for street parking on meters or empty spots.
The College has evening classes at the same time, arriving early does not guarantee free parking.

Public transportation plan your trip here: Big Blue Bus

PARKING: $10 Parking at Pico and 14th




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