APA LA & AskSternRep: Navigating the Unknown - Wednesday June 16, 2021

Wed 16th Jun, 2021 – 12:00pm–1:00pm

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Wed 16th Jun, 2021


Q&A series with Andrea Stern of @AskSternRep 

Wednesday June 16th - Episode 17

Where are we right now and what do we need to do? 


• Joy Asbury - Producer / Joy Asbury Productions
• Michael Horta - Producer / MJ68 Productions

Andrea Stern:

Andrea Stern is the founder of SternRep, an LA based, boutique agency representing a group of passionate and talented commercial photographers in the product, automotive and lifestyle industries among others. 

She is also the founder of @AskSternRep – free resource forum for photographers and entrepreneurs.

https://www.sternrep.com  @asksternrep

Joy Asbury:

Established in 2004, Joy Asbury Productions is a full service production company that has produced hundreds of still and video shoots worldwide for top luxury and consumer brands, magazines and agencies. We work with today’s A-List image makers, celebrities, musicians and models on shoots in stark studios, architectural landmarks, dilapidated warehouses, volcanoes and barren deserts.

https://joyasbury.com  @joyasburyproductions

Michael Horta:

Michael Horta is an owner and founder of MJ68 Productions where he serves as executive producer, creating campaign images and videos for major global advertising campaigns. His production company started in 2006, primarily serving the automotive advertising business. Since 2012 it has expanded to a variety of clients which includes Mercedes AMG, Samsung, Coca Cola, Toyota, HBO, Apple and many more.  

http://www.mj68.com  @mj68

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