APA LA & AskSternRep: Navigating the Unknown April 23,2020

Thu 23rd Apr, 2020 – 12:00pm–1:00pm

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Thu 23rd Apr, 2020


Come join us for this new Q&A series with Andrea Stern of @AskSternRep as she speaks to different members of the photo community about ways to navigate the new road ahead. Guests will include photographers and creatives. 

Andrea Stern:
Andrea Stern is the founder of SternRep, an LA based, boutique agency representing a group of passionate and talented commercial photographers in the product, automotive and lifestyle industries among others. 

She is also the founder of @AskSternRep – a free resource forum for photographers and entrepreneurs.

Drawing on her experience in commercial production, film sets, still photography, and boxing training, Andrea developed a uniquely genuine and enthusiastic style of representation.

Since 1995, SternRep has brought together top photographers, retouchers, and clients from their respective fields, offering each personalized care and service, while building rewarding, long-term relationships. Clients have included Apple, Google, Target, Subaru, Hyundai, McDonalds, Samsung, Coke, Vans, Wells Fargo, plus many more.

https://www.sternrep.com    @asksternrep

Jim Purdum:
"My work is warm and approachable with subjects that are confident and inspired, but never hurried. I strive to reveal authenticity in unique ways that tells the story while crafting the brand of my client. My favorite collaborations are with clients who see the value of revealing those genuine and unguarded moments within the stories we create together.

Creatively, I’m very inspired by people who are making conscious choices to shape the direction and priorities of their lives from a deep need to live a more authentic and purposeful life. I find the best stories have a balance of tension and energy that causes us to pause, but then compels us into action."

https://www.jimpurdum.com   @jim_purdum




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