APA/LA Portfolio and Website Review at RPA October 21 - SOLD OUT

Sat 21st Oct, 2017

Posted by director@apa-la.com

Sat 21st Oct, 2017


Professional Level Members
3 Reviews - $150
6 Reviews - $300
9 Reviews - $450

Associate Level Members
3 Reviews - $250
6 Reviews - $500
9 Reviews - $750


Portfolio Review is OCTOBER 21, 2017 (9a-4p)

This event is open ONLY to APA Associate and Professional level members, so take advantage of this member benefit just for you!

APA Los Angeles holds these reviews twice a year to provide constructive feedback to member’s portfolios and/or websites. Members get expert personalized reviews from top industry professionals: art buyers, photo editors, fine art dealers, curators, gallery owners, in-house creatives and entertainment companies. These are folks on the front lines of hiring photographers and they know branding, marketing, and editing. Sign up today to meet these elite reviewers!


  1. Jen Lamping, Director of Art Production, RPA
  2. Nikki Van Koevering, Art Producer, David & Goliath
  3. Karen Lipker, Director of Print Production, Davis Elen
  4. Giselle Morgenstern, Sr. Art & Stills Producer, Media Arts Lab
  5. Linda Ehrke, Art Producer, Pitch
  6. Eric Exley, Art Producer, Designory
  7. Lincoln Lopes, Sr. Creative Art Director, Deutsch
  8. Lisa Matthews, Associate Director of Art Production, Team One
  9. Brian Gibson, Sr. Art Producer, Team One
  10. Kristen Miller, Sr. CGI Producer, Innocean


After you have registered instructions will be sent and reviewer choices will be selected

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